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Face Treatments


Institut Derma Beauté, soins esthétique spécialisé visage à Sospel 06380 

J'ai rigoureusement sélectionné les plus grandes marques prestigieuses et reconnues mondialement pour leurs qualités, valeurs et performances indispensables pour une belle peau plus jeune, plus longtemps.

Derma Beauté will provide exceptional and specific facial treatments for your skin.


I have rigorously selected famous brands for their qualities and performances which are essential for keeping your skin younger.


Dr Baumann Skinident, for an healthy skin care. Evidence-based products and treatments at the forefront of anti-aging research (quality, efficacy and results). Active ingredients identical to the skin and naturally present for optimum performance. The condition of the skin improves durably even in difficult cases.

Respect for the skin - animals - the environment

100% vegan

Cliniccare® scientific expertise. Hyaluronic acid in depth without injection (molecular peas). A high-tech care concept with exclusive Derma Beauté protocols supports the skin in its biological rhythm. Bio-recognizable cosmeceutical formulas for visible and immediate results.


Genosys , specializing in high quality and natural cosmeceuticals based on scientific knowledge and precise clinical experiences. Formulations studied for the treatment of induction of collagen.

Great skin starts from the inside.

Food supplements Dr Baumann and D-LAB , superior quality and natural, are the perfect ally to maintain and optimize your beauty capital. Healthy, detoxified, hydrated and protected skin for a daily skincare routine.

Protect the skin - Prevent aging - Regenerate

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